Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cricket Crabe Presents HPI for SL6B

photo by Notfragile Gausman
by Se7en Wirsing

June 27, 2009
Cricket Crabe, a Helper from Help People Island (HPI), gave a presentation about HPI as a part of the SL6B Celebrations. The event was held at 1500 PDT on SL6B Quantum on the roof (slurl). Ludo Merit hosted the event and assisted with the "speakeasy." The program was co-authored by Seafoam Teardrop, also a Helper at HPI. This presentation was a part of a celebration of people and institutions who help people in Second Life.

Cricket said of himself only that he helps at HPI and teaches classes for the benefit of new residents and quickly moved on to the purpose of the program, which is to familiarize the group with the philosophy and operations of HPI. He talked first about the history of HPI and how it came to be in SL, including information I hadn't been aware of and enjoyed hearing about. He described how Brett Dumont brought his concepts of helping large companies prosper to SL and created a unique venue to promulgate these ideas.

Cricket Crabe with guests at SL6B Quantum

Being an all volunteer group that is independent of Linden Labs, HPI has taken the concepts and grown the group into a flourishing and self-propagating state. Cricket explained the five principles, well-known to all Helpers, Apprentices and Greeters:
  1. Ditch the negative attitude.
  2. Show sincere appreciation to others.
  3. Be a good listener.
  4. Make other people feel important.
  5. Help people.
And how the principles affect our lives...
As they still do today, "They came as duck walking avatars, boys with blue striped shirts and girls with pink polka dot dresses," and they found other people who willingly assisted them, in accordance with these principles. The concepts have become beneficial even in our real lives.

Next, speaking of HPI groups, he described Help People Fans, HP, Inc. (management group), Help People group and HPI New Resident Team. He described the HPI region and the training of Helpers. "Help People also participates in grid wide help efforts," Cricket stated, and talked about HPI team members helping on Moose Beach and Bay City Municipal Airport (Info Hubs).

After describing the treatment a visitor may expect on HPI, he summed up by saying, "At HPI we believe that genuine people who wish to explore this virtual world deserve the same welcome as we ourselves would wish to receive. We believe the time invested in people and the information provided make for a better community and benefit not only the resident but all of Second Life."

Ludo Merit

Monday, June 15, 2009

Helper Of The Week June 15, 2009

Everyone, please join us in congratulating Gary Bohemian as Helper of The Week!! He is a constant presence on the plaza and a pleasure to watch his interactions with our new Residents. GOOD GOING, GARY!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

HPI Showcased as a Hot Spot

by Se7en Wirsing

Check out the Showcase in "Search" and you will notice Help People Island near the top of the list. This is very exciting news considering the criteria (listed at for venues in the Showcase:
"Showcase is a place to show off some of the most interesting, entertaining, and novel Resident-created content.
Showcase is for existing Residents as well as potential Residents exploring the Web site for the first time. At any given time, the featured content will be limited. We will be looking for content that we believe 'showcases' the best of Second Life."

Wow! Are you impressed with yourselves yet? Today I received this group notice from Notfragile Gausman, "For those of you that don't know, HPI has made it into the showcase in search under Hot Spots!!! Check it out and tell your friends!!!! Great job everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Clearly, he's not the only one to think so.

Notfragile Gausman and HPI Guests

Monday, June 8, 2009

HPI First Annual Prom

May 23, 2009, Help People conducted their very first Formal event at 4pm to commemorate and celebrate a truly exciting year at Help People. The Prom took place at the skygarden that was temporarily decorated with a beatiful red carpet crystal arch entrance, sky backdrop and balloons courtesy of Katheryn Llewellyn.

A good time was had by all as DJ Denimore spun a variety of tunes that spanned two decades. Throughout the event attendees were encouraged to participate in HPI's first ever Prom King and Queen contest. At the conclusion of the evening our winners Notfragile Gausman and QueenDawn Hendes emerged as the winners.

The party kept going strong and DJ Notty took over the stream for a fun come as you are after prom in the evening to close out the night. For more photos please click on the picasa link:

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dance with the HPI Stars

Judges Aullere Ocello and Notfragile Gausman
By Se7en Wirsing
The dancers wow'ed the judges and spectators on Saturday (June 6, 2009) at 4 pm SLT as the first Dance with the HPI Stars warmed up the Skygarden for an evening of dancing. Katheryn Llewellyn planned and hosted the event. The competitor couples were:

Ragdoll Sugarplum and Howie Millet

EvaMarie Soulstar and steve Emodemon

Viviane Adamski and vapors Andel

Notfragile Gausman and Aullere Ocello were the judges with assistance from the spectators. The dancers were all exciting, but Ragdoll Sugarplum took the prize for Best Dancer. Winners for Best Couple were Viviane Adamski and vapors Andel. Aullere Ocello was chosen Best Judge. Katheryn Llewellyn described the experience as "fun, complex, exciting." Congratulations to the winners!