Saturday, October 24, 2009

1,000,000 Meters Up

Clockwise from front: AmidaTong Swansong, Aullere Ocello, Taka McMahn, Velma Paine, Se7en Wirsing, Notfragile Gausman and Christabelle Caiben-photo by Notfragile Gausman

Last night I was invited to join Notty in a place I had never heard of. Must be important, I thought. I hastily said my goodbyes to people at the party I was attending and teleported to...the sky. I IMed Notty, "I'm falling." "Do you have the flight feather?" he asked. I took it out and flew back up to where he was at 1,000,000 meters. These are some of our pics. See more pics here.

Notfragile Gausman with Christabelle Caiben-photo by Notfragile Gausman

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Role Magazine Article

The new issue of Role is out and our favorite author Se7en Wrising just contributed a new article that talks about new resident challenges and Help People. Take the time to take a peak at the newest issue of Role and catch up on what Help People is doing in the Second Life grid. To check the latest magazine, click on the link below.

Helper of the Week: Myche Kerang

Join us in congratulating our new Helper of the Week!