Saturday, October 24, 2009

1,000,000 Meters Up

Clockwise from front: AmidaTong Swansong, Aullere Ocello, Taka McMahn, Velma Paine, Se7en Wirsing, Notfragile Gausman and Christabelle Caiben-photo by Notfragile Gausman

Last night I was invited to join Notty in a place I had never heard of. Must be important, I thought. I hastily said my goodbyes to people at the party I was attending and teleported to...the sky. I IMed Notty, "I'm falling." "Do you have the flight feather?" he asked. I took it out and flew back up to where he was at 1,000,000 meters. These are some of our pics. See more pics here.

Notfragile Gausman with Christabelle Caiben-photo by Notfragile Gausman


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